Oh, hi!

You can be sure that when I change the blog’s theme, I’m trying to make a fresh start.  To post more.  To, you know, blog.

Here’s the thing.  Social media by its very nature requires frequency and consistency.  A good blogger will post at least twice a week.  This keeps the blogger’s content fresh and plentiful, thereby attracting and keeping readers.  A loyal following is necessary to keep the blog alive.  Also, consistent and frequent posting keeps the blogger from getting rusty and keeps ideas for content flowing.  To write more, one must write more.  Otherwise, the muse moves on.  And so do readers.

Here’s another thing.  I’m my own best yes man.  No one else can make me feel better about slacking off than…me.  I am so good at telling myself that my major focus is not attracting and keeping readers —  that I created this blog for Gill, Evie and me as an online baby book.  It’s my blog, and I’ll post when I want to.

The lies we tell ourselves, friends.  They’re worth their weight in bullshit.

I’m afraid that I’ll give up on this blog all together.  I haven’t posted since June.  I really don’t want that to happen.  I do want it to be a chronicle of Evie’s life that she can one day read and enjoy.  I also think it’s important to keep friends and family updated on what we’re up to, especially since we live so far away from many of them.

And I like to write, folks.  I used to do it a lot more.  I’m afraid that I’ll just stop all together.  It’d be so easy to do.  Writing requires self-discipline, and there’s nothing in the world more fragile than that.  At least for me.  I still have a goal of one day being paid for what I write.  Whether I reach that goal or not, I still want to keep doing it.  Even if it’s just for me.

So I’m gearing up again.  Fresh resolve is also worth its weight in…you know.  Maybe I’ll play around with the content a little.  Maybe I’ll throw up shorter posts more frequently to make the incredibly arduous task of tapping on a keyboard less strenuous.  Maybe I’ll set myself up on a schedule and make posting a priority rather than a task I insert below “express cat’s anal glands” on my to do list.

I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll just change the theme again.