Dear Paris:

This is Evie, and this is the plan:  I’m going to go to you.  My mommy says a lot of things about you, so I think you should meet me.  My mommy says you are fancy, a mystery and fun.  I am fancy, a mystery and fun, so we can be friends.

I am fancy.  I have a pink dress with a frilly bottom, a pink bead necklace, a pink hairband and a pink, sparkly wand.  If I had the pink shiny shoes we saw in the Circle Store that my mommy said I didn’t need but I do, I would be the fanciest.  Then you and I would be twins!  I love to be twins.  My friend Chyler and I are twins because we are the same tall and we go to Lunch Bunch together.  Chyler has pretty curly hair, but I have straight hair.  I will get my hair curly before I come to you and my shiny pink shoes and then I will be a fancy twin with you.  My mommy says my hair is just fine and I don’t need shiny pink shoes.  My mommy doesn’t know sometimes.

I know that you have good food.  I like good food.  Good food is chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, yogurt, strawberries and the Hershey Kiss.  So you have all of those things for me, and I will eat them when I go to you.  Mommy and Daddy say I have to try other food, but that food is not good, so why do I have to try it, Paris?  I only eat good food, which is also ice cream and ham and cheese sandwiches.  We will eat together!  Like twins!

You are a mystery.  Mommy says “mysterious” but that is not right.  It is “mystery” because that is what Scooby Doo is.  I love Scooby Doo.  I get to watch it when I stay in my bed all night by myself.  My favorite is the Cat Creature.  If you are a mystery, you have Scooby Doo, and I will only watch it when I go to you.  I will not have to watch the news.

Mommy taught me a word to say when I go to you.  The word is “mousie”, and that is how you say “thank you” when you go to Paris.  Fancy Nancy is my favorite book today, and Fancy Nancy says “mousie”.  We love Fancy Nancy.  Mommy says she’s gonna write a book called Evie Peavie and make a bunch of money so we can go shopping when we go to you.  I have a bunch of money.  I have five dollars and two quarters and one dollar.  Daddy says one dollar is a hundred pennies.  One day I will have a hundred pennies, and I will buy sunglasses like Mommy’s.

Mommy will go with me to you.  We will wear our sunglasses, drink coffee and look bored.  Mommy says this is the way to go to Paris.  I can’t wait to drink coffee.  It smells good.  Daddy will go, too.  Mommy says Daddy knows a lot of your words, and not just “mousie”, so he can help us get around.  Daddy can carry me for a long time, and Mommy can’t.  Daddy never says I am too heavy.  My daddy is very strong and sometimes he smells like coffee.

Get ready, Paris.  I am Evie, and I’m going to go to you.


P.S.  First I will go to Disney.


Dear Daddy:

This is Evie.  I am here at my house.  You are at the beach in Florida.  Mommy says you are bringing home the bacon.  We already have some bacon, Daddy.

I miss you.  Mommy doesn’t tickle as good as you, and I can’t put my whole head on her shoulder.  Mommy misses you, too.  She says everything goes to hell when you’re gone.  I don’t know what that means, but I do know the sink is full of dishes, and Mommy had trouble rolling the big trash box to the end of the driveway on Tuesday.  I didn’t get to see the big trash truck this week, Daddy.  I heard it, but we didn’t get downstairs in time.  Do you think it still got all the trash?

Last night I ate chicken nuggets and crackers and peaches.  Then I played with my new cars and then I ate a cookie.  No, not that cookie.  The other cookie.  We watched a movie called Anastasia.  It was okay.  It had lots of pretties and a mean man.  I like Aladdin better, so I will watch that next.

Daddy, last night there was a big storm.  There was lots of funder and fire, and it woke me up.  Mommy came and got me, and I slept with her so she wouldn’t be scared.  The funder was very loud, and the fire was very flashy.  Then I went back to sleep.  I woke up again, and it was still dark outside.  I wanted to play with my cars and get my rabbit.  Mommy was said it was time to sleep, but I still wanted my rabbit.  Mommy got it.  I played for awhile, and then I went back to sleep. 

Mommy’s beep-beep box made noise for a long time this morning, Daddy.  Mommy turned it off lots of times, but it beeped again.  I told Mommy it was time to sleep, but she said it was time to get up.  We moved very fast this morning. 

Did you hear me on Mommy’s phone last night?  I said I love you, Daddy.  After you weren’t on the phone anymore, I sang Happy Birthday to you.

Mommy says you are coming home soon.  Daddy, when you come home, can we get ice cream?

Love, Evie

P.S.  Bring me a prize!

Dear Liberry:

My name is Evie Langston, and I live down the street from you in my house with my mommy, my daddy, my toys and my chocolate milk.  I have been inside of you one time, Liberry, when my mommy took me with her to vote.  She said I was the world’s smallest Democrat, and all the ladies laughed and told me I was pretty.  Then we went to look at books.  Mommy put a bunch in my stroller and told me we could take them home to read.  I  started chewing on one while I waited for her to finish.  Mommy saw me, her eyes got really big, and she took the book away.  I chew on all my books, Liberry, but Mommy didn’t tell me we had to bring yours back to you!  So Mommy gave a Liberry Lady some money for the book and I got to keep it anyway and that’s my story about you.

Mommy and I were happy when she told me that when I got older, we could walk to you and do a lot of fun things.  She told me about when she was a Little Kid and how her Liberry was her favorite place to go.  There was a nice Liberry Lady there named Leslie who used to help her pick out books.  Leslie read Mommy and the other Little Kids stories and did the voices and put the stickers on the Summer Reading scorecards for every book they read.  If Mommy got enough stickers, she got a coupon for a free pizza all to herself.  I love pizza.

Then Mommy was a Big Girl, and she stopped going upstairs to the Little Kids section and stayed downstairs in the Big People section.  Mommy says the Big People are very quiet and don’t chew on their books.  She told me she looked at scary books about sharks and ghosts and found magazine stuff about something called The Monkees.  Sometimes her grandmother would let her take home as many books as she could carry and then take Mommy to get ice cream.  I love ice cream, too.

I was very excited about doing all of these things when we come see you.  But yesterday Mommy was sad.  She told me some Very Important People are going to close you because they don’t have enough money to help you.  Mommy said some bad words that I can’t say and then was sad some more.  I am sad, too.  I don’t have any money, but Daddy said we send the Very Important People enough money anyway, so he doesn’t know what the problem is.  Do you know what the problem is, Liberry?

Mommy wrote a bunch of letters and talked on the phone.  She’s trying to make them not close you.  She told me she can’t imagine what it would be like for me to grow up without you.  Since I’m still a Little Kid I don’t know either, but I wanted to write a letter to you anyway to help Mommy.  

I don’t want you to close, Liberry.  I want to come see you and read books and hear stories about sharks and ghosts and vote and eat pizza and ice cream.  Tell the Very Important People that you need to stay open so Little Kids and Big People can have fun.  Okay?  Okay.


P.S.  Readers, click here if you want to help, too.
          — Love, Evie’s mommy