Dear Paris:

This is Evie, and this is the plan:  I’m going to go to you.  My mommy says a lot of things about you, so I think you should meet me.  My mommy says you are fancy, a mystery and fun.  I am fancy, a mystery and fun, so we can be friends.

I am fancy.  I have a pink dress with a frilly bottom, a pink bead necklace, a pink hairband and a pink, sparkly wand.  If I had the pink shiny shoes we saw in the Circle Store that my mommy said I didn’t need but I do, I would be the fanciest.  Then you and I would be twins!  I love to be twins.  My friend Chyler and I are twins because we are the same tall and we go to Lunch Bunch together.  Chyler has pretty curly hair, but I have straight hair.  I will get my hair curly before I come to you and my shiny pink shoes and then I will be a fancy twin with you.  My mommy says my hair is just fine and I don’t need shiny pink shoes.  My mommy doesn’t know sometimes.

I know that you have good food.  I like good food.  Good food is chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, yogurt, strawberries and the Hershey Kiss.  So you have all of those things for me, and I will eat them when I go to you.  Mommy and Daddy say I have to try other food, but that food is not good, so why do I have to try it, Paris?  I only eat good food, which is also ice cream and ham and cheese sandwiches.  We will eat together!  Like twins!

You are a mystery.  Mommy says “mysterious” but that is not right.  It is “mystery” because that is what Scooby Doo is.  I love Scooby Doo.  I get to watch it when I stay in my bed all night by myself.  My favorite is the Cat Creature.  If you are a mystery, you have Scooby Doo, and I will only watch it when I go to you.  I will not have to watch the news.

Mommy taught me a word to say when I go to you.  The word is “mousie”, and that is how you say “thank you” when you go to Paris.  Fancy Nancy is my favorite book today, and Fancy Nancy says “mousie”.  We love Fancy Nancy.  Mommy says she’s gonna write a book called Evie Peavie and make a bunch of money so we can go shopping when we go to you.  I have a bunch of money.  I have five dollars and two quarters and one dollar.  Daddy says one dollar is a hundred pennies.  One day I will have a hundred pennies, and I will buy sunglasses like Mommy’s.

Mommy will go with me to you.  We will wear our sunglasses, drink coffee and look bored.  Mommy says this is the way to go to Paris.  I can’t wait to drink coffee.  It smells good.  Daddy will go, too.  Mommy says Daddy knows a lot of your words, and not just “mousie”, so he can help us get around.  Daddy can carry me for a long time, and Mommy can’t.  Daddy never says I am too heavy.  My daddy is very strong and sometimes he smells like coffee.

Get ready, Paris.  I am Evie, and I’m going to go to you.


P.S.  First I will go to Disney.


3 thoughts on “Dear Paris:

  1. Dear Evie; Granny thinks that sounds like a wonderful adventure. Would you take an old, stiff granny with you? I have always wanted to see Paris. There is so much to do!! But Noni may know best. She has really been so many places and knows so much!!! If she says Disney is more fun, I would believe her. I hope that you get to Paris. And to anywhere else you want to go!!
    Love, Granny

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