It’s a redneck Christmas!

BEHOLD!  The window at the top of the stairs…

Now, wait just a second.  Before you start feeling sorry for me, you should know that this is ironic.  I saw an opportunity to redneck up my house, and I took it.  I mean, what would you have done?  I ask you.  Plus, I knew my husband would have to live with it for 25 days, which made me a cackle and rub my hands together maniacally .

Thaaat’s right.  The lights are Hershey’s Kisses.  Red and green ones.  With hands and faces.  It’s my new favorite Christmas decoration!

The entire thing is held up by 1,287 pieces of Scotch tape because we’re renters. It’s what renters do. I give it a week up there. And when it finally does fall? I will put it back up!

The best part was after I finished taping the mother up, I told Evie to hit the lights so we could fully admire its glory.  The second the room went dark and the landing was illuminated with our string of softly glowing red and green anthropomorphic chocolate candies, Evie’s eyes grew wide and she gasped at the magnificent wonder before her. 

 “I love it!” she exclaimed.  “Thank you, sweetheart!”  Then she ran headlong into my legs and hugged them.

It’s the first time she’s called me sweetheart.


3 thoughts on “It’s a redneck Christmas!

  1. You’ve got a good start on your Redneck christmas. I think it is pretty. I guess its beginning to seep into my pores. Oh, dear. What’s an old lady to do?

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