Pull on up to the table, y’all…

Some of you have told me that my posts about Evie are your favorite.  Okay, just my Aunt Ginger told me that.  But I assume it’s true for most of you.  So, in the Thanksgiving spirit of overindulging, I’ve decided to treat you today to a buffet of Evie.  Please enjoy.

1.  Today I removed Evie’s existing carseat and installed her booster seat.  I figured since she kept flinging her legs over the sides of her old carseat thereby honoring approaching drivers with a daily flashing, she was getting too big for it.  Little kid carseats are strapped into the backseat of a car using a complicated rope and pulley system that would probably contain its occupant even in the case of Rapture.  I found out today that you simply toss a big kid booster seat into your backseat all willy-nilly and throw a seatbelt across it.  I decided to see it as a metaphor for my grip on Evie growing weaker and weaker.  Then I decided to play 3-D bowling on my smartphone.

2.  For lunch Evie had a slice of pizza and water to drink.  She took a sip of her drink and observed, “Mommy, water is not very exciting.”

3.  Charlie’s mom, Oolie, told me that upon seeing Charlie’s bed strewn with toys and clothes, Evie shook her head, rolled her eyes and declared, “Boys.”  She then proceeded to “fold” Charlie’s clothes and tidy up his room.  Much learned have you, young Jedi.

4.  Evie’s Aunt Boo and Uncle J gave her a pink tricycle a couple of years ago for Christmas.  At the beginning of the summer, Evie could barely make the pedals turn with her little feet.  Today I watched her zip around the courtyard in it, taking the little hills without a second thought.  It’s amazing what they learn to do when you’re not looking, isn’t it?

5.  Evie let herself out the locked front door and into the courtyard.  Once found by her almost hysterical mother, she was given a very stern talking to, probably her sternest yet, and told that if she did it again, she would get a spanking.  Please, Evie, don’t do it again.  Please. 

6.  Last Sunday, Evie said a bad word in church.  While being led to Sunday School, she said, “Sh–, I forgot something!”  Her Sunday School teacher couldn’t wait to tell me about it after the service.  In fact, she could barely get the story out without laughing.  Her daughter and my friend, Susan, was helping with Sunday School that day, and she had a great time making fun of me.  I love my church.

7.  While getting ready for her first choir performance, I tried really hard to convince Evie that putting her hair up in pigtails was a good idea.  I suggested that most of the other little girls would have their hair up.  Evie still refused, saying, “I just want to be different.” 

8.  Evie and I were riding along in the car in reflective silence.  Suddenly, she informed me that when she grew up, she would have big boobies. 

9.  Evie knows the lyrics to almost every song on Adele’s new album and is not afraid to belt them out.  She also enjoys Beyonce, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson.  So far she is not a Belieber.  But that’s not really music, is it?

10.  Dontcha just love Evie?



6 thoughts on “Pull on up to the table, y’all…

  1. 1. Her great grandmother also threw her leg over chairs. (Love you mom!) Maybe she needed a booster seat!
    2. Good lunch-pizza is now a vegetable. Fejz used to take us to Pizza Hut and eat pizza with water. Yuck.
    5. Evie can do it again- in an earlier blog you said that you and Gill would not spank.
    6. This was the funniest thing ever-isn’t it horrifying!!!
    7. Good for you Evie! Be yourself.
    8. Also hilarious. Funny how they think of those things.
    9. I LOVE Adele!! And all the others too-except maybe Kelly Clarkson.
    10. Yes we do-and we love your blogs-keep em coming!!

  2. Make sure she remembers all of Gaga’s “Born This Way”. She can use it later in life and frustrate you to no end.
    Evie and Her Life and Loves is fascinating and wonderful to read, Kate. Particularly for this Granny. I feel more connected to her.
    Noni, I remember Graggle doing that and wondering if she really knew what it looked like to the casual observer. Such a memory.

  3. I DO love Evie…and am so glad she has a wonderful Mom/writer to share this great stories. Overindulge us all you want!

  4. I want to ride bikes with Eve! I can just picture the two of you now, windows down, wind blowing, in best conversation ever silence & out spits the boobie comment!

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