This is Halloween

One of the best things about having children is rediscovering the holidays.  The older Evie gets, the more she enjoys them, and we go happily along for the ride.  Truthfully, before she was born, I was beginning to really be over Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  Okay, maybe not Thanksgiving.  I do love me some stuffing.  But, lord, all the rushing around, the shopping, the boring parties, the disappointing horror movies, the same carols over and over, the rushing around.  Oh, and the rushing around.  Over it.

But now I live the holidays through Evie’s eyes, and a lot of the magic is back.  This past Halloween weekend was a good example.  We had so much fun that when it was over, it kind of felt like Christmas was over.  Lucky for you and me, I took lots of pictures.  For a change.

Evie wants everyone to know that she, in fact, is a witch.

And that she can fly on the broom from the fireplace.  (See what I mean?  The magic, she is back.)

First stop on our Halloween Weekend Tour 2010 was the liberry, where the liberrians organized the first annual Halloween Hoot.  We enjoyed stories, songs and a somewhat confusing costume parade. 

Unfortunately, the storytime portion of the Hoot lasted a bit too long for Evie.  After twenty minutes, she took it upon herself to inform the entire room that “It’s almost over!”  I felt like I should be embarrassed but thought it was hilarious instead.

“I sense there may be a ladybug behind me.  Am I correct?”

Trying to subtly implant the intense desire to share the best candy with Mommy.

Later that night we visited the mall for climate-controlled early trick or treating. 

Dinner at the food court where the menu included two chicken nuggets, four french fries, 5,000 Smarties and a fun size Snickers bar.

The actual big day finally arrived, and Auntie went ALL OUT.  There was witch’s brew, apple-peanut butter-marshmallow treats, candy necklace making, fun Halloween pizzas and, of course, candy.  Evie sampled the punch and munched on the marshmallows she’d picked out of the apples while reading Disney Princess Halloween books with Dracula’s wife, a.k.a. Auntie, a.k.a. Lady Gaga.

 Who doesn’t love pizza with a face?

Trick or treating with Baba, who insists serious vampire research tells us that Dracula actually preferred Nikes.

Evie misses Halloween, and so do I.  Good thing we have Thanksgiving to look forward to.  Hope she likes stuffing.


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