Exanthema subitum

Dear Roseola:

 I had to write and let you know how much Evie and I enjoyed your stay with us.  Your unexpected arrival at 2am last Monday morning was indeed a surprise, foretelling of your unpredictable but exciting nature.  You do like to boldly sound your arrival, don’t you!  We agree that presenting Evie with a 102 degree temperature was just the thing to start things off.

 Right away I knew you would be formidable company, sure to keep Evie and me on our toes.  Not content with our usual guests’ gifts of Tylenol and cool cloths, your insistence on something more robust was an impressive challenge, to say the least.  Luckily, you were content to amuse yourself with our meager offerings until the Motrin arrived.  I’m so glad we were able to finally satisfy you!  After all, it’s always been a top priority of mine to keep my guests comfortable.

 And what a treat to find that Evie simply adores having a Tylenol dropper jammed down her throat and a thermometer thrust up her bottom every four hours!  I could tell she enjoyed it so by the way she completely and thoroughly eschewed all protest.  Surely that experience is stamped indelibly in her memory, for it is in mine!

 I have to say, Evie’s and my favorite part of your visit was the way you weren’t afraid to “go all out” to entertain us by ramping Evie’s temperature up to 104 degrees by  Monday afternoon.  You do understand that I just had to call our pediatrician’s office to boast about the fun we were having.  I couldn’t keep it to myself!  Evie hopes you will excuse her rudeness that afternoon, though.  She was so overwhelmed by your talent, her only recourse was to slump lethargically against my chest and suck her thumb.  I was truly amazed at her flushed little face and unfocused, glassy eyes – what a show!

 How quickly the time passed, and by Thursday you were gone.  Your parting gift of a rash on Evie’s neck and torso was indeed generous and we loved the seasonal red color you chose!  And how thoughtful of you to make it non-itchy.  We were so touched and commented several times that it’s just like you to think of small but important details like that. 

 And, after happy retrospection, we’ve decided to completely agree with you that four long nights of fitful, broken sleep is almost like Christmas morning!   

 We humbly request that you turn your thoughts to us for an instant as you travel onward.  We do so fondly and often think of our time spent together with you.  Dear Roseola!  How the mist does gather as we remember those days… 

 As always, we remain your –

 Katie and Evie

 P.S.  Please tell your dear friend Chicken Pox that we will keep an ample supply of Motrin on hand for his visit.  We know now how to please!

 P.P.S.  Kiss our ass, Roseola.



3 thoughts on “Exanthema subitum

  1. It is even more fun when Roseola decides to visit all those under 5 years of age in the household at the same time. At least it didn’t overstay its welcome and as Mag said at the time “Fuoffdagnait” That must be some word in her native tongue from ‘the other planet’ but I do believe the meaning is quite clear.
    Don’t the little ones get a shot for chicken pox now adays?? But that would deprive you of a month of the pox (when there is double the fun in the household), calamine lotion, and corn starch baths. No one should miss that.
    Glad Evie is better; and I know you were the perfect hostess as you always are.

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