To Evie on her 1st birthday

Dear Evie:

I want to tell you so much about how I feel today,  but I know you won’t understand.  Someday maybe you’ll have your own little girl or boy, and you’ll understand then.

But I do want to say that because I am your mommy, I know true joy.  Next to marrying your daddy, you are the best thing I have ever done, and I pity those who do not know you.

Your first year with us has been amazing and humbling and surprising and wonderful.  And it only gets better from here, baby-girl.  It only gets better from here. 





9 thoughts on “To Evie on her 1st birthday

  1. Katie you and Gill a wonderful parents . Evie was born into a very loving family. Please kiss her for us and tell her we love her VERY much.

  2. So cute!! I still haven’t seen her in person!! We should all get together and Bryson too. They could play together or what ever these little ones do. I think they play by each other. Really let’s get together.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE PEANUT. You have soooo much more to look forward to, Kate. It is the greatest adventure of all. Enjoy every minute of it. And remember, you and only you have memories that no one else will ever have. Cherish them.
    To Noni
    See on Deadliest Catch tonight!!!

  4. Eve is such a wonderful, sweet, beautiful girl who will grow up to be a wonderul, sweet, beautiful woman (probably also clever, witty, charming and a tad bit sarcastic if she’s anything like her amazing mom!). Thanks for including us in her birthday celebration.

  5. my oh my! where did the year go! I still can’t believe that she was once, just a year ago, an itty bitty thing that I could bounce to sleep. SNIFF SNIFF> Miss piggy….sniff. Love you evie baby, happy birthday.
    love, one of your number one fans…auntie

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