23 things about Evie

Evie is growing up so fast.  I looked at her the other day and saw a small child, a toddler, where once there was a little baby.  Soon she’ll be walking and saying real words.  This makes me  feel a heart-tugging mix of excitement and sadness.  

Excitement because, I tell you, I can not wait until she can talk to me.  I so look forward to taking her to the latest Pixar flick, teaching her to bake cookies and working our way through Charlotte’s Web and Little Women together.  

Sadness because, well, she’s so big!  It’s becoming hard for she and I to get comfortable in the rocker at night, and her daddy has to carry her if we’re walking a long distance (“long distance” meaning longer than from the car to the house, because I am a weakling with no muscle tone.  But I can withstand the byproducts of a baby’s horrendous stomach bug, so it all evens out).

I’m scared of forgetting stuff.  Not the big stuff.  I mean, I’ll never forget the day I found out I was pregnant or the day Evie was born.  I’m talking about the little stuff.  Evie’s habits, her little idiosyncrasies, that make her Evie.  Or memories of special little moments I keep like photographs inside my head.  I don’t want these to fade.  What a loss it would be to forget the way she always crosses her ankles like a little lady when she sits.  What a tragedy to never again think about the time she had a bad dream during an afternoon nap, and I brought her to bed with me to snuggle and comfort her.

So, I’m making a list of all these things for my own remembrance and to share with you, you lucky ducks.  Enjoy…

1.  Sometimes she’ll move one of her feet around in slow circles at the ankle, especially when she’s sort of comfortably daydreaming or absentmindedly fiddling with something.  My grandmother did this, and it’s so lovely to see it reappear in her great granddaughter.

2.  Evie almost always bends her right leg behind her when she’s sitting on the floor.  We can’t figure out if she does it for balance or what.  It’s just an Evie thing.

3.  She has a dimple high up on her right cheek that’s about as charming as a dimple can be.

4.  Now that she’s crawling, she’s thinning out a bit.  But her legs are still just as pudgy, and her cheeks still look like she’s got acorns stuffed in them.  I’m so glad, too.  The nurses at the hospital said she would lose those cheeks soon after we brought her home, but I think “soon” has passed. 

5.  I took Miss Evie to the grocery store with me the other day and no less than 10 people stopped to speak to her and to tell me how adorable she was.  In case you’ve ever wondered: Yes, it is possible to burst open with pride.

6.  Several times a day she’ll hold up an object, look straight at you and exclaim, “A-Da!” or “Wha-Da!”  She says these with such conviction and finality, that they have to mean something very important.  Like, vitally important.

7.  Evie’s current favorite game is to hold any remotely phone-shaped object up to, well, the vicinity of her ear.  You must then say, “Hello?  Who’s calling?  Is this Evie?”  You will be richly rewarded with a huge grin.

8.  Evie’s second favorite game is for you to hold out your hand and say, “Can I have it?”  She will then place whatever she’s holding in your hand.  You must then say, “Thank you, Evie!”  Again, a huge grin.  This does not work, however, with keys, the remote, or a cell phone.  If Evie Langston manages to get hold of any of these objects, she ain’t givin’ them up without a fight, game or no game.

9.  Her favorite sleeping position is on her stomach, thumb in mouth and butt stuck up in the air.

10.  She loves biscuits, sweet potatoes and sweet tea.  Raisin’ her up right, y’all.

11.  When she gets going on a hardwood floor, her little hind end swishes back and forth in a very officious fashion as she makes her way across the room.  So cute.

12.  Upon encountering someone she knows and likes very much, she’ll breathe in and out at them very fast, like she’s hyperventilating.  I…don’t know, and I think it’s strange, too.

13.  Evie loves to flip through books and magazines and “read” aloud.  So that answers that question about the reading gene being passed along from both sides.  I wonder if I can go ahead and get her a library card?  Hmmm…

14.  One morning last week, Evie and another little girl were sitting on the floor beside each other at daycare.  As I watched, Evie reached out and wrapped her arms around the little girl, and the little girl hugged her back.  Then they fell on the floor.  I?  Melted.

15.  Evie snores.

16.  Another favorite game is for you to build a huge tower out of her toys, and Evie will knock them down.  According to Evie, this is hilarious.

17.  Evie adores being outside, especially to watch the wind blow through the trees.

18.  She is fascinated and delighted by Roxie and Samantha, our cats.  Sam is curious about and mildly affectionate towards the baby.  Roxie rues the day we brought her home and may be plotting something sinister.

19.    Evie hates footwear.

20.  She always has a big smile and happy squeal for Daddy when he gets home from work.

21.  Evie loves to be tickled.  Laughing and squealing abound.

22.  Last Saturday Evie sat on Daddy’s lap and shared a bowl of cereal with him.  So cute.

23.  She loves to make “kissy face”, which is sucking in her cheeks and puckering out her lips until she looks like a little fish.  She learned this when her daddy was trying to teach her to drink through a straw.  Still working on that.

I’m sure there are tons more Evie things that will spew forth from my head the minute I publish this post.  And I’m sure many of you will have things to add.  Please feel free.  I need this list for when I’m decrepit and feeble and Evie never calls anymore, y’all.  Help an old lady out, will ya?


7 thoughts on “23 things about Evie

  1. Okay, here I go –
    Evie’s laugh: we have a teething “device” that buzzes when when she bites down on it. Now, her eyes light up with delight when she sees it, and she chuckles every time it buzzes-so cute!!

    I had Evie with me for a few hours when she was getting over the intestinal whatever, and we were sitting quietly on the sofa together. Instinctively, I started humming a lullaby. She kept looking at me, turning back to suck her thumb, then looking again. At some point, she started laughing…and then I started laughing and we just laughed and laughed together. By the way, I know I have a voice that could, indeed, cause laughter…but Evie is the first one I know who actually did it!

    We play hide and seek together…I peep at her over the kitchen counter, she scoots around and finds me, and laughes and laughes.

    She hams it up for the many pictures I take of her….she indulges me!

    Enough, for now!

  2. No, you won’t, darling–especially since your precious evie sounds just like our precious Katie-bird in many ways…I remember the day I was told I was pregnant–it was in November and cloudy and generally yucky. And I looked out the window of the drs. office and told myself that from this point on my like would never ever be the same.
    I was right.

  3. Thanks, Mimi! This is exactly what I need!

    Noni — Oh dominant, for sure. Dominates everything.

    Pop — That’s what Gill said.

    Granny — I always smile when I drive past the CVS where I bought the pregnancy test.

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