Sunday in the Park with Eve

A few weeks ago, the weather was very fine.  So Evie, her daddy, her mommy, her Auntie, her Uncle Eddie and Uncle Eddie’s niece Madison (Evie’s cousin? no? yes?) all piled in the car for a day of merriment and quesadillas.  A wonderful time was had by all.  Here, see for yourself:


First, lunch at Moe’s.  Yummy, dang cheese quesadillas, i.e. Mexican grilled cheese sandwich.  Also, Mommy realizes it’s not necessary to eat what the baby doesn’t finish.



Next, on to the park where Evie learns of the glory that is the playground swing.  And Daddy very much enjoys doing a quintessential “daddy thing”.


Evie Langston.  So squeezable.

As an additional treat, I would like to offer you two pictures from the most recent meeting of the BB&B (Babies, Bread & Bottles of Wine) Supper Club.


Everyone has a vice.  Evie and her Uncle Eddie’s?  Celebrity dish mags, man!


She climbed up this step all by herself.  Thaaat’s right.

We hope you enjoyed this brief photographical escapade.  Tune in next week when Mommy learns how to upload pictures to the computer machine from her camera machine.  Yay!


Found this in storage while organizing pictures for this post.  It has nothing to do with Evie, but, Lordy, what a man he was.  Gracious.


3 thoughts on “Sunday in the Park with Eve

  1. What a great picture story! You know how well I respond to pictures. I just can’t quit looking at the ADORABLE pictures of Gill and Eve. So precious!

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