Dear Easter Bunny:

My name is Evie Langston, and this is my first Easter.  My mommy said to tell you she likes peanut butter eggs the best.  I can’t have peanut butter.  I like chocolate.

My mommy and I have a question.  Are you big or small?  If you are small like the purple bunny that sleeps in my crib with me, then that’s okay.  If you are big like the bunny at the mall, then we are scared of you, and you can’t come to our house.




5 thoughts on “Dear Easter Bunny:

  1. Logistically, I think he’d have to be big, but that is a terrifying thought now that I think about it. Well, if Santa is an elf, then I guess the Easter Bunny can be small(er).

  2. I think the Easter bunny should be whatever size Evie wants, thank you very much!!!

  3. Evie,
    I never met a bunny I didn’t like. And the Easter Bunny is waiting to have an Easter egg hunt with you.

  4. What sweet and darling pictures!!!Especially the last one. (Send TEN copies please)

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