I was afraid of this

Y’all, I am all about natural parenting, otherwise known as attachment parenting, and I try to practice it as much as I can.  I breastfeed, we’re starting to use our Snugli more, and we co-sleep on occasion.  I didn’t expect this of myself, as I outgrew my hippie stage after junior year of high school, but these things feel instinctual and right for me and my family.  And, like I’ve said before, there are lots of women who shave their armpits and feel the same way I do.

But, as often happens in life, some people take it too far.

I have a nagging case of disposable diaper guilt but severe cloth diaper resistance, so I was searching the Internets the other day for some happy compromise and came upon this.

Knee deep in crunchy webpage wanderings, I began to suspect that something like this was out there, lurking.  But now, having found it, I am still speechless and a little grossed out.  I mean, more power to the women who want to do this, but…just…no.  

I have seen the end times, and they are diaper-free.


2 thoughts on “I was afraid of this

  1. Oh My God. Now these free thinking ( or non thnking) yuppies are taking usual baby behavior and transforming it into signs to potty. By the time a baby grunts, it is usually all over anyway. A baby’s neural system is not fully developed to be able to control their urine/bowels until 9 months to a year. I think what these goof balls have done is turn “just in time” pottying into some kind of Holy Grail.
    Cloth diapers are not so bad; surely Raleigh has a diaper service. Used one for both of you. As far a land fill clutter–although I am all for not adding to the situation, it may help you feel a little better about things when our energy comes from methane gas. Also, dispose of them in PAPER bags; the paper will decompose and it will also take some of the plastic diaper cover with it. Without getting too graphic, remember what is IN those diapers and what creepy crawlys love that stuff and what ever goes with it.
    Lord love a mommy, these days.
    you may kill me for this offering, but add a little Splenda or Splenda/Sugar mix to those ‘nanas. Just the tiniest bit. It may please her palate more.

  2. No not Splenda. I just heard from a cancer specialist that it is the worse one for you. I had always thought it was the best one.
    The nanas will grow on her. Make sure that they are ripe.:)

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