Welcome, little man!

This is Vincent Fisher Armstrong.  He was born on August 22, 2008 at 4:30pm to Michael and Tiffany Armstrong, who are very proud and very tired.  Tiffany, you should know, is awesome, and I mean “awesome” in the old-fashioned sense, as in “strong, powerful and awe-inspiring”.  She brought Fisher into this world completely drug-free and pushed for a very, VERY long time.  Michael is awesome, too, because he totally gets just how awesome his wife is.

We at The Evie Standard are excited to welcome Fisher because now the Armstrong and Langston clans can finally be joined and our ruling might will be felt throughout the land.  Or maybe Fisher and Evie will just go to prom together.  Or maybe they’ll just share their Legos.  Either way. 



One thought on “Welcome, little man!

  1. I have been completely cut-off from the world since leaving work and having Fisher…but no longer! Today, the wonderful man from Time Warner came and bestowed wireless internet on our home. Finally…I’m back and have fed my Evie Standard obsession.

    I was shocked and deeply honored to have been personally included on the site! Thanks for the shout out and for adding our little man as Evie’s first friend. Fisher looks forward to sharing stories with his best gal pal about how parents are unreasonable, unfair and totally impossible to live with.

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